Rowing Basics


General Rules for Rowers

  • Substitutes: If you have to miss a workout you MUST find a substitute. This is VERY IMPORTANT. A list of rowers and contact information will be provided on the 1st day of your session. It is each rower’s responsibility to find a substitute if they are unable to make a workout. The shells require 5 people and cannot leave the dock without each seat filled.
  • Clothing: Wear athletic clothing, that is easy to move in and form fitting (without front pockets). Loose or baggy clothing will get caught on the oars or in the rollers of the moving seats. Also, please be aware that it is usually colder on the water. Dress in layers for weather that is 10 degrees cooler than it is at your house.
  • Arrival: Arrive ready to row 10 minutes prior to the start time. This is important for two reasons: (1) we need to be sure that each shell has enough people necessary to be able to leave the dock; and (2) announcements and directions are given by the coaches at that time.
  • Cancellations: Rowing sessions are rarely cancelled. If there is a cancellation though, it will be announced on the Lincoln Rowing answering machine. That number is 781-741-5225 ext 2.
  • Rain: We will go out if it is raining so come prepared. Erging is available if there is heavy fog, or thunder and lightening. Make up classes are held on Fridays.
  • Chain of command on the water:
    First: Coach
    Second: Coxswain
  • Rowing shells must be in sight of the coaching launch.
  • If your shell is aground, stay in the boat and wait for assistance.
  • ALWAYS stay with the boat: never leave the boat. The boat will float and there are life jackets for everyone in each boat.